Denver, Colorado

Hall, Prangle & Schoonveld – Denver opened in 2016 and quickly established itself as a premier medical malpractice and general negligence defense firm in the region, providing representation throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.

The Denver office has brought together battle-tested trial attorneys committed to defending the excellence of their clients, compellingly telling their clients’ defense in complex and emotional cases. The attorneys of HPS throughout the nation pride themselves in their willingness to take tough cases to trial, and HPS Denver has already achieved multiple defense verdicts for their clients in high-profile catastrophic injury cases in state and federal courts. Many lawsuits against HPS Denver clients have been dismissed with no payment, through early motion practice, summary judgment or the recognition that plaintiff’s case lacks merit. With these results, clients of HPS Denver are best-positioned to decide whether any lawsuit should go to trial or, if appropriate, resolved on favorable terms.

This exciting start for the HPS Denver office helps foster our enthusiasm for our clients’ defense. We recognize our reputation is being built with each case, and as much as excellent outcomes matter, clients also rightfully expect timely and cost-effective legal services. Our national platform provides our attorneys with collaboration opportunities to share insights, experts and legal strategies to efficiently deliver legal representation. Regardless of the size of the case, HPS Denver is proud to serve as your defense partner in this risky legal environment.
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