August 2013 

Congratulations to Hugh Griffin and the Entire HPS Appellate Team

Partner Hugh Griffin, recipient of the 2012 Illinois Appellate Lawyer of the Year, and the HPS Appellate team have had an unprecedented series of recent victories. In March, Hugh was succesful arguing before the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals for the affirmation of a $7 million reduction in damages in an aviation case. June found Hugh succesfully arguing before the First District of the Illinois Appeallate Court to uphold a $12 Million breach of contract award from the Chancery Court. Later that month, Hugh obtained reversal of a $20 million wrongful death award in a case that had originally been tried in 2006. This was soon followed by another victory in the Illinois FIrst District upholding the reversal of a $150,000 default judgment entered against a local physician.