Oct 2015 

Nevada: Webster and Tyler Get Defense Verdict in Clark County

Las Vegas attorneys Casey Tyler and Ken Webster secured a jury verdict on October 26, 2015, on behalf of their client, a Las Vegas area hospital. The plaintiff, a former employee of the hospital, filed a negligence action in Clark County District Court alleging that hospital equipment failure caused her to fall, resulting in permanent dorsal column nerve stimulator placement and a need for future fusion surgery. Plaintiff argued that the hospital was aware of such an equipment failure and did nothing to address its continued use. Among other allegations was the improper training of students and employees as to the proper methods for transport. 

Tyler and Webster contended that it was the plaintiff’s own negligence that caused her fall and the hospital could not reasonably foresee that the incident would occur. Nevada has no applicable cap on potential damages and Plaintiff’s demand was $3.2 million. It took just three and a half hours of deliberation for the jury to reach a defense verdict.

Trial attorneys Ken Webster and Casey Tyler were supported by their trial team of Karen Paglini (Legal Nurse Consultant), Casey Henley (Assistant), Jackie Olivo (Legal Assistant) and Tamie Phillips (Legal Assistant). This is the third straight defense verdict in the last twelve months for the Las Vegas office.