August 25, 2020 

Attorney Highlight: HPS Chicago Partner John Travis

“John Travis exemplifies the attorneys at HPS: He is dedicated, hardworking, and driven to provide each client with an expert legal defense tailored to their needs. His addition to the partnership at HPS strengthens the Firm’s ability to provide each client with the legal services they need.”
- Marilee Clausing, Managing Partner

John Travis pursued a career in law out of a passion for advocacy and with the recognition that everyone is entitled to competent representation. After being admitted to the bar in 2010, John has focused almost exclusively on defense. He has found that defending those on the receiving end of a lawsuit best matches his personal values. John’s greatest satisfaction comes from encountering a novel question of law and discovering new ways to apply the law in defense of his clients.

John defends healthcare providers in medical malpractice litigation, but he also defends municipalities, schools, construction companies, trucking companies, security companies and business owners. This broadens his practice to include such diverse areas as construction negligence, municipal law, school law, premises liability, transportation litigation, CILA defense and product liability.

John lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife and three sons. While defending his clients and raising three sons accounts for nearly all of his time, with what is left over, he enjoys running marathons.