Behavioral Healthcare

Behavioral healthcare defense is a unique branch of medical malpractice litigation involving inpatient and outpatient facilities, and a host of healthcare providers including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, counselors and social workers. Behavioral healthcare litigation frequently involves catastrophic injuries such as suicide, self-harm, battery and sexual assault. In addition to cases involving personal injuries, behavioral healthcare litigation frequently involves state and local statutory schemes as well as civil rights.

Behavioral healthcare professionals have committed themselves to providing compassionate service to some of the most marginalized and misunderstood members of our communities and the behavioral healthcare defense team at Hall Prangle & Schoonveld is comprised of attorneys equally dedicated to defending these professionals. For almost two decades HPS has defended hundreds of behavioral healthcare professions in Illinois, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and the Federal Courts. We have taken numerous cases to successful verdict. Our experienced team recognizes the key issues early so that they can properly evaluate claims and prepare a proactive defense. Additionally, the behavioral healthcare team has experience in workplace litigation involving claims of harassment and wrongful termination.