Birth Trauma Defense Team

HPS understands the urgency facing healthcare providers when obstetrical, neonatal and pediatric injuries occur, and the concern they have over the high stake nature of such claims. The HPS Birth Trauma Defense Team is designed to respond to that concern whenever and wherever our clients need us. The HPS team is composed of attorneys and paralegals, some with related nursing experience, with an acute understanding of the challenges facing our clients in matters involving catastrophic birth trauma and related injuries.

The attorneys that make up the HPS Birth Trauma Defense Team bring the experience and insight that comes with having handled hundreds of cases involving obstetrical, neonatal and pediatric issues. The clinical expertise of the obstetrical nurses on our team allows for early and in-depth analysis of fetal monitor strips and key clinical events that are central to birth trauma cases. When circumstances require it, team members can be mobilized to provide rapid response and early investigation of catastrophic birth trauma and related events, often within hours or days of the occurrence.

Throughout the many years of defending such cases, the HPS team has developed a broad network of renowned medical experts, an archive of related medical literature and practice guidelines, and the necessary resources to defend birth trauma cases on all levels. In the courtroom, our team incorporates technology, such as multi-media systems, digital animations and graphics to assist in their defense.

The HPS team also understands that appropriate resolution of these high-stakes cases can take place outside the courtroom, and team members are experienced in utilizing alternative dispute resolution in applicable cases.