September 2018 

Chicago: Hall and Lalmalani Successfully Defend Hospital Agent in Negligence Claim for Damages

In September 2018, HPS attorneys David Hall and Sapna Lalmalani secured a defense verdict on behalf of their client, a Chicago-area hospital, following a three-and-a-half-week trial in a high exposure case involving a plaintiff who sustained neurological injuries following a subarachnoid hemorrhage and ruptured brain aneurysm.

The patient underwent a left craniotomy and clipping of her aneurysm, and Plaintiff alleged negligence arising out a neurosurgeon’s alleged failures to seek an endovascular consult, to obtain proper informed consent for the clipping procedure, and in the doctor’s surgical technique.  Plaintiff claimed that the negligence resulted in the patient’s permanent neurological deficits and asked the jury for $16-22 million in damages.  After deliberating for approximately an hour and a half, the jury came back with a not guilty verdict on behalf of all defendants, as well as a finding that the physician was not an apparent agent of the hospital.