November 2018 

Chicago: Hall and Walkup Successfully Defend Critical Care Medicine Physician

In November 2018, HPS attorneys David Hall and April Walkup won a defense verdict for a Chicagoland critical care medicine physician. In the case, the plaintiff alleged that the physician failed to timely diagnose and treat compartment syndrome in the comatose and critically ill plaintiff resulting in a Volkmann’s contracture of his forearm. The plaintiff argued that he developed acute compartment syndrome approximately 48 hours after admission to the hospital.

The defense argued that the plaintiff’s forearm muscle death had already occurred prior to his arrival at the hospital from a crush injury due to a drug-induced level of unconsciousness that had persisted for several hours.  They further argued this crush injury theory was supported by the plaintiff’s extremely high CPK levels and level of rhabdomyolysis upon arrival to the ER, and his three heart attacks caused by extremely high levels of potassium released from the dead muscle cells in his forearm.    

At the end of the two and one-half week trial, plaintiff asked the jury to award him damages in the amount of $12 to $14 million, including damages for future medical care, lost wages, future lost earning capacity, loss of normal life, disfigurement and past and future pain and suffering.  The jury deliberated for two days before returning a verdict in favor of our physician.