June 2017 

Denver: Rendleman Secures First Defense Verdict Since Joining HPS in January 2017

In June 2017, D. Scott Rendleman, a partner in the HPS Denver office, obtained a defense verdict for a Denver-area hospital in a case alleging both hospital and nursing malpractice. The Plaintiff sought $1.8 million in damages and injuries related to attempts to place a PICC line during his hospitalization. A PICC line is a thin catheter that travels through a vein in a patient’s arm to the superior vena cava to administer IV medications long term. Plaintiff claimed the hospital acted negligently in permitting an outside vendor of PICC line services to place PICC lines without conducting a competency evaluation of the PICC nurses and in failing to adequately train on the hospital’s PICC equipment. Plaintiff also claimed the hospital’s nurses acted negligently in not monitoring and reporting the patient’s condition following the failed PICC attempts. Plaintiff claimed a permanent injury to his median nerve and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. After an eight-day trial, the Arapahoe County, Colorado, jury returned a complete defense verdict in favor of the hospital and PICC nurse. This is Scott’s first defense verdict since joining HPS in January 2017.