December 2014 

Eric Schoonveld Travels to Ecuador to Speak to University Students on Ethics and Leadership

During the week of December 8th, partner Eric Schoonveld traveled to Guayaquil, Ecuador where he spoke at three area universities to large groups of law, medical, business and engineering students. Over the course of four days, Eric visited each university to provide his perspective on Ethics and Leadership. His focus was on the importance of humility and service as leadership principles, lessons learned from HPS, and making an impact within your organization, the people around you and your larger community.

Eric's trip was also a family affair as his daughter Elle joined him, where she spent each day speaking to Ecuadorian students in their English classes with a group of DePaul University Students through an organization called CRU. Seeing Elle talking with students in their English classes was one of the many highlights of his trip.

Eric’s time in Ecuador was rewarding for a variety of reasons- it gave him a chance to share ideas about a topic he truly enjoys- leadership and making an impact for others, make new international connections, and spend time with his daughter. 

ESPOL :: Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (engineering and business students)

Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil: Inicio- UCSG (law students)

Universidad de Guayaquil (medical and business students)