Firm Philosophy

Our attorneys demonstrate our firm’s tireless commitment to excellence. Overall commitment to our mission, as well as loyalty to our clients, fosters a positive, collaborative work environment that consistently yields enviable results. Our cases are staffed with small teams of attorneys hand-picked to handle the intricacies and nuances of each lawsuit. Led by seasoned trial attorneys with proven track records, our litigation teams work aggressively to quickly and efficiently provide our clients with the best possible results.

The secret of our success is our attorneys. We employ only attorneys who are proven trial lawyers or are driven to attaining that mantle. Superb legal skills are a must, but so are conviction, drive, character and integrity. Passion for this practice and zealous defense of our clients are our hallmarks. We strive to promote employee satisfaction and loyalty in order to provide greater continuity in the handling of our files. This philosophy has allowed HPS to recruit the very best attorneys in our specialty areas.