Mar 2016

Griffin, Goldstein and Appellate Team Secure Another Client Victory in Car Leasing Dispute

In an order issued on March 24, Hugh Griffin, Jake Goldstein and their appellate team secured another win for their client, a car leasing company, in the First District Court of Appeals (Illinois). 

The Defendant in this case leased a car to the co-defendant, who allegedly allowed his boss to drive the car. The boss’s boyfriend then drove the car while intoxicated and was involved in a car crash that killed him and the woman driving the other car, the Plaintiff. The question presented was whether either the rental-car or co-defendant could be held liable to plaintiff's estate under a theory of negligent entrustment.

The trial court dismissed the claims against the car leasing company and co-defendant, finding that the actions of the intoxicated driver were not foreseeable to defendants as a matter of law.

On appeal, the Appellate Court agreed and affirmed the state court order granting defendants’ motion to dismiss plaintiff’s 3rd amended complaint.