Healthcare Counseling

The HPS Healthcare Counseling Team provides our clients with guidance, insight and intervention in all areas of healthcare to address the complexities that come with today’s highly regulated and constantly evolving health law environment. By forging strong relationships with healthcare institutions, physicians, physician practice groups, other healthcare providers, and long-term care facilities, we can efficiently and effectively address unexpected challenges to help them get back to the business of their business.

Because of our firm's national presence, HPS has attorneys across the nation prepared to respond to substantive health law issues at a moment’s notice, including: corporate, labor, employee benefits, risk management, patient safety, credentialing, compliance, informed consent, religious objections to treatment by patients and healthcare providers, issues of privilege, professional disciplinary hearings, and litigation.

Our attorneys have and continue to assist clients with the issues below, among others:

  • HIPAA Privacy Issues
  • Referral and Reimbursement Issues
  • Medical Studies Act/Confidentiality
  • Staff Education and Training
  • Policy and Procedure Content
  • Termination and Credentialing
  • End of Life (including DNR, Withdrawal of Support and Reproductive Rights)
  • Temporary Guardianship
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Physician Recruitment and Contracting
  • Professional Licensing Issues
  • Lobbying
  • Real Estate
  • Union Relations