Hood to Coast Relay - The 2016 Edition

For the third year in a row, HPS joined forces with Team World Vision to participate in this year's Hood to Coast Relay on August 27-28, 2016. This year, five brave (or crazy) HPS partners: Eric Schoonveld, Ronitha Maharaj, Matt McElligott, Tom Comstock and TC Hosna, along with a client, embarked on yet another endurance challenge in record high temps to run 198 miles and raise funds for clean water in Africa. Our dedicated team placed 22nd in their category and 140th out of 1000 vans. Now, if the relay had been based on pancake consumption, it would have been no contest.

Funds raised for clean water in sudan: $28,620
Average donation: $500
Miles run by our team of 6: 99
Total hours of running: 13
Average pace: 7.6 minute miles
Average temperatures: 92F
Average sleep time per runner: 1.2 hours
Number of injuries on HPS van: 0
Number of hallucinations and road kill sightings in the record temps: 14
# of cases of water consumed: 2
# of cases of Gatorade consumed: 2
# of pancakes eaten: too many to count
Favorite van snack: peanut butter pretzels and beef jerky