HPS Advise: Partnering with Healthcare Clients to Move Their Businesses Forward

HPS Advise, the consulting subsidiary of the law firm of Hall Prangle and Schoonveld, LLC, was established as a platform to leverage HPS' vast experience in dealing with the legal, clinical and business issues facing today's healthcare providers, practice groups, hospitals and health systems. HPS Advise is dedicated to partnering with our clients in pursuit of innovative solutions to reduce risk, improve patient care and achieve optimal outcomes in handling claims.

HPS Advise is ready to provide a national team of battle-tested trial lawyers, physicians, nurses and quality and risk management experts, who have spent decades investigating, analyzing and defending malpractice allegations by advocating for healthcare providers. Our unique platform promotes collaboration with clients in a flexible and creative fashion that leads to the proactive implementation of systems and solutions that enhance our clients' productivity and profitibility. 

Menu of Services

We work closely with healthcare providers, practice groups and health systems to provide clients with the depth and resources in key areas of operations/clinical, risk management and claims. 
  • Policy/Procedure Review
  • Clinical Unit Assessment
  • Education Sessions, including Leadership, Communications and Documentation Training
  • Documentation Systems and Improvement
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Incident Planning and Response
Risk Management and Claims
  • Catastrophic Case and Mass Tort Support and Coordination
  • Trial Strategy, Analysis and Preparation
  • Witness Preparation
  • Claims Consultation and Management
  • Claim Resolution

Once the project scope and goals have been defined, we can work with your organization to develop dramatic new approaches based on our decades of experience in the healthcare field. 

Fee Structure

The goal of HPS Advise is to create value-added services around an economic arrangement that deepens our client relationships, builds trust and improves outcomes. We will work with clients on alternate fee arrangements foregoing traditional hourly rates in favor of project-based fees. 


For more information on HPS Advise, please contact:

Eric P. Schoonveld at Eric@hpsadvise.com
Marilee Clausing at Marilee@hpsadvise.com