May 13, 2022 

HPS Attorneys Secure Defense Verdict

From left, HPS Attorneys David Hall, David Kalimuthu, and Gina Ambrose

HPS attorneys David Hall, David Kalimuthu and Gina Ambrose defended a Chicago-area neurosurgeon against allegations of negligence. The allegations related to the Plaintiff’s spinal surgery which addressed a large herniated disc compressing on the spinal cord. The Plaintiff alleged that the neurosurgeon’s negligence was the cause of his paraplegia.

The neurosurgeon maintained that he fully complied with the standard of care, that the care provided was reasonable and appropriate, and that the care was not the cause of the Plaintiff’s paraplegia, but instead was caused by a hypoperfusion/ischemic cascade causing an infarction to the spinal cord.

The Plaintiff asked the jury to award $57 million in damages. The jury deliberated for approximately two days before returning a verdict in favor of the neurosurgeon.