June 2017 

In the recent ABA Journal article titled “Moving from Good Law to Great Law” Debra Baker and Deborah Knupp discuss the “Great Law” movement that was born from a year-long investigation, known as Law 2023. Five years ago, thought leaders from various industries including academia, finance, technology, design and legal, were consulted for their feedback on the current state of the legal industry and the most significant trends in technology, economics and cultural change that will impact the future of law firms. What resulted from the study was a framework of seven design principles that identify opportunities to build a legal industry that is more responsive to the demands of clients as well as society.

As part of its examination of these design principles, HPS is mentioned under “Design Principle 3: Demand for responsive institutions will create new markets for accountability” for the firm’s innovative use of the Triple Bottom Line accounting framework to drive future growth and create a sustainable law firm culture.

To read the full article, click on the link “Moving from Good Law to Great Law.”