Life Sciences Defense Team

At HPS, our life sciences experience is extremely broad, with more than four decades of experience defending life science providers including laboratories, providers, and manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Our firm’s foundation began with healthcare litigation and catastrophic injury trials. Our capabilities in the life science arena were a natural extension into the food, drug, and medical device arena. Our work requires industry knowledge of standard operating procedures, including sampling and testing. We also recognize the rapid transformation in the arena due to technology advances including DIY diagnostics and virtual care, mobility, software and internet connectivity, and the application of AI in life sciences.

By combining technical expertise with trial experience, HPS clients can take advantage of cost-effective defense strategies with the assurance that cases can be successfully defended at trial when necessary.

Outside of the litigation arena, we regularly advise our clients on issues as varied as risk management and loss prevention, state and federal regulations, electronic data management and electronic discovery protocols, quality assurance and product and system design and safety. We guide our clients through all phases of their life science issues including indemnity agreements, warranty claims, coverage concerns, claims handling, dispute resolution, product recalls, labeling, governmental investigations and the unyielding defense of their products and equipment.

We work closely with insurers and clients based in Europe, Asia, and the United States. HPS clients rely upon HPS to ensure a consistent, cost effective approach. HPS clients can be confident in our ability to be well-versed in their products or situation without having to expend unnecessary company resources each and every time a claim arises, even if that case arises in another state.

Our life science attorneys, complemented by the full resources of the firm, have the requisite skill, confidence and enthusiasm to succeed in such a demanding area of the law. When a new claim arises, HPS clients trust they can make one call to one firm for one result - a successful defense.