July 2015 

MCCA Article: HPS's "Paying it Forward" Campaign Signifies Shift in Pro Bono Efforts

The July/August issue of Diversity and the Bar featured an article discussing the recent shift in pro bono efforts among many law firms, and what can be gained when firms focus on creating cultures of giving.

As Akina founder and longtime HPS consultant Deb Knupp explained, "The true measure of profitability at your firm is the desire for clients to work with you...it's where the most talented attorneys want to work and it's where the most inspired leaders want to serve a greater purpose in communities. In the future, the most successful law firms will be those willing to consider that profitability is more than finance."

This same philosophy has shaped HPS's development over the last 12 years. Founding partner Eric Schoonveld explained that the firm was born of the need to do things differently than what he and his partners had always known. He wanted to be part of a firm that was making an impact, and in 2014 HPS launched our "Paying it Foward" campaign to do just that. The campaign invites all HPS members to participate in events focused on health, wellness and teamwork, which the firm sponsors. Through those events, our hope is to utilize our network of colleagues and contacts to broaden our support and raise funds for worthy causes. 

Beyond the fundraising component, Jennifer Ries-Buntain, the firm's managing partner, noted that the campaign has also proved to be "a wonderful new way to build relationships with philanthropic-minded clients who would rather run a marathon and go to a party afterwards than attend the standard gala. And in terms of the firm it gives us a new way to interact with our clients."

Read the full "How Pro Bono Efforts are Changing" article here.