April 2016 

"Nursing Depositions- Duty or Disaster?" Published in Long Term Living Features Laura Ginett

HPS's Legal Nurse Consultant Amy Stewart, RN, RAC-MT, DNS-CT, recently published an article in Long Term Living on nursing depositions, or as she calls it, "every nurse's worst nightmare." The article also features insight from Laura Ginett, head of the firm's Long Term Care and Counseling practice group.

Read Amy's complete article for insight on: the "best defense," deposition dos and don'ts, and the steps you can take to prepare you for what's ahead and lessen the anxiety of the process.

From the article:
"The purpose of a deposition is to discover facts and opinions about issues pertaining to a potential lawsuit or investigation. Any person with knowledge about the care can be deposed, including the resident, family, facility owners, administrators and caregivers.

You will be an important piece in the litigation puzzle. Your deposition testimony will be used as the foundation for expert testimony and could be used to cross-examine other witnesses with information pertaining to the care. Deposition testimony can also be used to discredit a witness at trial if there is a change in testimony."