What We Do

Defendants in the current legal environment cannot afford to accept the status quo when it comes to their counsel. Our attorneys have a reputation of providing sound advice and of trying tough cases when necessary.

HPS attorneys are committed to finding solutions to difficult cases through either trial, focused motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, or pretrial settlements. We are also committed to delivering these services in a timely, yet cost-effective manner. This includes providing an early, objective assessment of whether a case should be tried. We provide our clients with a credible trial threat so that a case may be effectively tried, or, if appropriate, settled under circumstances most favorable to our clients. When trying a case is the appropriate course for our clients, we have the experience and desire to do so.

Our trial advocacy has been recognized in Chicago and throughout the country. Many of our attorneys are licensed in multiple states and jurisdictions and, working through our offices in Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Florida, California and Colorado, HPS actively defends cases throughout the United States. This national work enhances the overall depth of our team of attorneys, while further strengthening our base defense practice in Chicago. Notably, we often try cases that were initially handled by other firms until the 11th-hour transfers to HPS. We welcome these cases as yet another challenge in our demanding practice.