April 2012 

Partners David Adams and Camille Khodadad Presenting at Aviation Seminar

HPS is pleased to announce that partners David J. Adams and Camille Khodadad have been selected to speak at the 57th annual Corporate Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS) in San Antonio on April  18-19, 2012. This prestigious national event is sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).  The two-day seminar will showcase the aviation industry’s top leaders and “hot topics” in aviation, including Mr. Adams and Ms. Khodadad’s presentation entitled, “Judicial Action in the Aftermath of Aviation Accidents: A Global Perspective”.    

Their presentation will offer a unique comparison of historical and current post aviation accident investigation and subsequent criminal judicial action worldwide. Mr. Adams and Ms. Khodadad’s experience has shown that in the USA, the acts or omissions that cause or contribute to aviation accidents are ordinarily not the subject of criminal investigation and prosecution. However, in many other countries, criminal prosecution has become a nearly automatic response to aviation accidents. This “criminalization” trend in aviation affects not only pilots, but maintenance personnel, owners and operators, OEMs and even air traffic controllers. In the case of intentional acts resulting in an incident, prosecution could be warranted.