January 2018 

Plaintiff Drops Case Against Scott Rendleman’s Helicopter Ambulance Client One Month Before Trial

In January 2018, the mother of a 9-year-old who suffered a traumatic trachea injury voluntarily dismissed her case against Scott Rendleman’s client, a helicopter ambulance crew, with no settlement paid. The plaintiff’s expert testified that the flight paramedic and flight nurse used excessive force and traumatically injured the girl’s trachea during the intubation. The plaintiff sought more than $1 million in damages for future plastic surgery to repair the massive scarring and for the extensive 10-hour chest surgery required to sew the trachea together.

After expert discovery finished, this case went through a court-ordered mediation, just one month before trial. The plaintiff demanded $1 million to settle. Scott’s client offered no money to settle, demonstrating unending confidence in the care provided and the ability to prevail in this sympathetic, high-stakes jury trial.