Product Liability

HPS has an extremely broad Product Liability litigation practice, with more than four decades of experience defending both national and international manufacturers of motor vehicles, tools, farm equipment and industrial equipment, as well as counseling and litigating patent-related and warranty matters. Clients that have looked to HPS attorneys for successful defense strategies include:

  • General Motors
  • Mack Trucks
  • Monsanto
  • Ace Hardware Company

HPS has also handled cases ranging from medical and pharmaceutical devices to catastrophic maritime injuries. By combining our team's technical background with trial experience, the firm's manufacturing clients have taken advantage of cost-effective defense strategies that have helped support their cases at trial, when needed.

Outside of the litigation arena, HPS attorneys regularly advise our clients on product liability issues as varied as risk management and loss prevention, state and federal regulations, electronic data management and electronic discovery protocols, quality assurance and product design and safety.

HPS continues to be recognized as national counsel for many foreign manufacturers, including Asian bike manufacturers, helmet manufacturers and tire manufacturers. HPS manufacturing clients rely upon our firm to ensure a consistent, cost-effective national defense. Our national practice has developed as a deterrent to future lawsuits rather than risk the inconsistent defense strategies that create vulnerability for clients when attempting to defend these national claims with a piecemeal defense strategy. HPS clients expect counsel to be well versed in their products without having to expend unnecessary company resources each and every time a claim arises, even if that case arises in another state. HPS demands that its clients receive a concerted unified defense on a national level.