June 2016 

Las Vegas: Tyler and Dobbs Secure Defense Verdict in Alleged Nerve Injury Case

In June 2016, HPS attorneys Casey Tyler and Tyson Dobbs secured a defense verdict for their client, a Las Vegas-area hospital, in a case involving a plaintiff who claimed he suffered a nerve injury following a prolonged and unsuccessful blood draw. The plaintiff, who was seeking $300k in damages, experienced continual pain and numbness in his arm, resulting in treatment physical therapy and pain management.

Our team presented evidence that the plaintiff's version of events simply did not occur. The staff that treated the plaintiff testified that they examined the plaintiff thoroughly before and after and never noticed any of the symptoms plaintiff claimed to result from the incident. HPS also presented evidence from our expert neurologist that the plaintiff's injuries were pre-existing and more likely the result of carpal tunnel syndrome and not any trauma related to a blood draw.

The jury deliberated for approximately two hours before entering a verdict in favor of the defense.